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Before you begin to use your systems, and throughout the lifecycle of your technology investments, our Training Services prepare you and keep you prepared for success. Because our educational programs are dedicated to fulfil our Service Level Commitments, you are assured of receiving superior attention from everyone involved in your training experience.

Patient, thorough, and friendly, our training experts take staff through each course at a pace just right for them. Locations include:

  • At your library, for hands-on, personalized training
  • At our offices in Constantia Office Park, Johannesburg, where selected staff from your library can take advantage of a wide variety of classes

UKS Training Services offers a full range of options, from initial training to advanced skills. Available topics include all the areas necessary to make your library staff confident, comfortable, and competent with their library systems and other products supplied by UKS.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process by which a person can validate their Non-formal and In-formal learning to being awarded a qualification. I.e. Qualified by Experience. Currently 80% of what we learn, is learned LIVE and in the workplace or area of engagement. Yet it is impossible to effetely validate that learning without a progressive user interface.

RPL can be used for four reasons:

1. Credits and Qualifications: this is conducted as a diagnostic engagement, where the learner will build a Portfolio of Evidence against the set of standards used in the summative assessment guides. From the Portfolio the assessor will give a judgment on the learners applied competence. There are two possible outcomes to this

a. Full Qualification: The learner achieves full credits and are awarded the full qualification.

b. Part Qualification: The learner achieves part of the credits. These credits get combined into an individual skills programme and the learner receives those specific credits.

The learner then has an accurate GAP of what training they need to attend to gain the qualification.

2. Access: The learner wants to attend a specific level of learning programme (E.G. MBA), but lack the foundation level (EG. Honours). They can RPL the honours to begin the MBA, but will not be awarded the Honours certification.

3. Professional Designation: A professional designation is earned by a person in a field by meeting certain requirements, and successfully completing a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) to show competence in performing a certain job or task. It is an official endorsement from a professional body of your skills and experience. This can now be RPL’ed.

4. Promotion: The person is applying for a promotion within a company but lacks the certification for the level up. They can be RPL’ed against the Job Description and use a Portfolio to prove competence.

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