BLUEcloud eRM 

BLUEcloud eRM, powered by CORAL, breaks down your complex electronic resources into records that are as easy to manage as anything else in your catalog. You are able to create custom workflows, track important licensing terms, and view usage statistics for your electronic titles, all from the same BLUEcloud interface.

Untangle your workflows

Bring clarity to electronic resources with custom workflows in CORAL. Assign a staff member to each stage, and when you complete a task, the next person in the workflow is automatically notified by email.

Make sense of license agreements

Can we send this electronic journal through ILL? How long does this contract last? Record this and other crucial information in CORAL, where you can parse your densest license agreements into bite-sized terms. Assign these terms to your eRM records, and you can quickly make decisions about licensed material.

Find your most-used resources

CORAL uses SUSHI and COUNTER protocols to bring you usage statistics for your electronic resources. Break down usage by title, journal, publisher, or provider to see which resources are most helpful to your users—and how you can best spend your money.


Protect your records

Even in a consortial setting, you have control over who can edit your records. From BLUEcloud eRM, you are able to set custom permissions by user, record, and institution to create the access arrangements that works best for your library system.

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