BLUEcloud Acquisitions 

Give your collection development more power through the connections in BLUEcloud Acquisitions. You will be able to connect to your vendors to find the best prices, connect your fund categories in an organized hierarchy, and connect with other libraries in your consortium to get more buying power. With each link, you will make your acquisitions process—and your library—stronger.


  • Automatically compare vendor prices and performance without leaving your LSP
  • Track budget activity with dual-entry accounting and full journal entries
  • Create fund hierarchies of any depth using drag and drop
  • Store multiple vendor accounts on each vendor record
  • Use vendor templates to quickly auto-populate fields
  • Search across fund accounts, vendor records, titles in a selection list, and more with one simple query—no need to select your search index
  • Archive old fund sources or vendor accounts to clear out clutter without giving up data access
  • Centralize ordering in your consortia, no matter how many ILS instances your system runs

Make smart decision faster

As you add items to your order, BLUEcloud Acquisitions will show prices and fill times from different vendors. Don’t waste your time jumping between tabs—compare vendor offerings as you build your orders, without leaving your LSP.

Organize your funds, your way

BLUEcloud Acquisitions will offer true fund hierarchies that delve as deep as you want them to. Dive into your nonfiction budget, and create subcategories for science, then physical science, and then astronomy. Whatever fund structure you need, you will be able to build it in BLUEcloud Acquisitions.

Never miss a bulk discount

Harness the buying power of your consortium while keeping your site’s independence. In BLUEcloud Acquisitions, consortia members will be able to select their items separately but order together, so you get every bulk discount possible.

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