Project Management & Implementation

Services Overview

An initial project meeting with senior staff from your institution will be followed by an implementation workshop where the different departments of your library will supply input and discuss matters concerning the modules of the system to be implemented, eg. Set-up and configuration policies.

Project Management during your system implementation period ensures that implementation events follow a logical sequence and an agreed path planned with your management and senior staff.

  • A project schedule or plan will be supplied by our project manager tasked to steer your system implementation.
  • Dependencies between the different tasks will be indicated and critical issues affecting on-time delivery and executing of tasks.

UKS Data Services provide a variety of essential expertise for converting, updating, and maintaining your institution’s data to ensure that these important resources will be complete and in optimal condition. Our Data Services staff has extensive experience in working with a variety of library data types from an array of various libraries and organizations.

  • An extensive data conversion is a normal part of a migration to Symphony. As you prepare to migrate, your data couldn’t be in better hands. With a tried and true process in place that has been proven to be highly successful time and time again, you’ll be able to count on our staff to be responsive, experienced, and highly skilled at what they do. 
  • Authority processing cleans up the heading fields in bibliographic records, matches them to headings in the bibliographic records from the Library of Congress authority records, and updates the bibliographic headings as appropriate.
  • Consultation services can also be provided based on the needs of your institution. Examples include data conversion, data cleanup, data loading, data extraction, data removal, or data enhancement. In addition determinations can be made as to how system data may be affecting the use of Symphony, or other products, as well as how the system may effectively interface with other systems in sharing data.
    Installation of hardware, operating system, DB management and Application software can all be integrated in one process and executed by our ICT specialists, or co-ordinated with your institution’s ICT department.
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