Take your library’s circulation anywhere with MobileCirc. The MobileCirc app for web, Android, and iOS, helps you check out items, register users, process holds, and perform inventory without being tethered to your desk.


  • Perform basic circulation functions from anywhere, including checkins, checkouts, renewals, and adding users
  • Continue circulating even without an internet connection
  • Scan items with your smartphone’s or tablets camera or with a handheld Bluetooth scanner (on compatible devices)
  • Set up a self-service are with MobileCirc Kiosk, and give patrons the ability to check items in or out without the help of a staff member
  • Take a patron’s picture with your mobile device and associate it with a user ID
  • Conduct inventory and weed your collections without being tied to your desk
  • Search for or add a user by scanning a driver’s license

Take your library anywhere

Circulate materials from wherever you are. Just open MobileCirc, and scan an item with a portable Bluetooth scanner or your mobile device’s camera. You can even attach an RFID scanner to your device to quickly check out materials and desensitize them on the spot.

No internet? No problem

With MobileCirc’s offline mode, you can leave your building behind and promote your library on the go. Sign up new users and check out materials as you please. When you next have internet access, MobileCirc will automatically synchronise with your LSP databases.

Weeding and inventory in a fraction of the time

MobileCirc makes weeding and inventory simple by freeing you from your desk. Take MobileCirc along the stacks to scan your materials, and use MobileCirc’s weeding suggestions to prune your collection faster.

Simple self-service

MobileCirc comes with MobileCirc Kiosk, a basic circulation mode that restricts the application to just Check In and Check Out. You can set up self-service at minimal cost, using just MobileCirc and a tablet.

Stay Informed
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