The integration of Electromagnetic (EM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in one device is the perfect solution for libraries who want to have the best properties of both techniques. Moreover, libraries already using EM- but with a wish to add RFID technology in their circulation process can slowly migrate until a full integration has been done. New libraries have a choice to implement EM, RFID or Hybrid for today’s and tomorrows demands.

Over the years EM (Electromagnetic) has been and still is a well-known and proven technology used by many libraries around the world. The perfect and reliable detection performance, due to less affection by environmental and human factors, makes it a very popular way to protect items like books and magazines if compared to other technologies that serve the same purpose.

The EM technology is certainly the best choice to protect valuable items in libraries. When priority is given to the logistic process within libraries, RFID would be the first selection. The combination of RFID and EM as a hybrid technology is really a perfect option.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is different from Electromagnetic (EM), the first mainly being used to control logistics in libraries, the latter mainly in use as a perfect technology for security protection. In general RFID devices act similar and serve the same purpose as barcode scanners, but there is no need to optically scan and search the barcode labels, as RFID labels can be scanned in open air to retrieve the identification data.

RFID technology enables the move from manpowered to self-service circulation. With the use of RFID self-service check-out systems, patrons can check-out their items themselves in a fast, cost-efficient way, resulting in fewer waiting lines and less personnel. To return the items patrons may use RFID bookdrops and sorters to automatically check-in, even 24/7 outside opening times of the library.

Not only does RFID technology speed up the circulation processes, it also enables the automation of inventory scanning and searching. The reliability, efficiency and the high speed of materials handling contribute to an optimal operation of your full circulation system.

Dialoc ID offers state of the art full Hybrid EM/RFID technology solutions in security detection systems, self-service- and staff station units and integrated EM & RFID detection labels that are prepared for the future.



With its modern transparent looks – high density plexiglass in combination with a solid stainless steel construction – the Diamond Hybrid EM/HF Premium system gives an extremely luxurious appearance to any library environment.

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