Electromagnetic (EM) technology is the best choice for securing valuable items in libraries. However, when efficient processing of materials is a priority, RFID is ideal. For libraries looking for ultimate security and efficiency, a hybrid solution is the perfect answer. Moreover, libraries that already use EM but want to migrate to RFID technology or add it to their processes can also switch step by step.

The Dialoc ID Hybrid systems combine RFID and EM technology without compromising on accuracy and efficiency. If a library wants to switch to RFID in the future but does not want to transfer the entire collection in one go, a hybrid technology can come in handy.

Reasons for libraries to use HYBRID

 For whom are hybrid solutions suitable?

Libraries that use hybrid systems usually have the following criteria:

  • Libraries that want to migrate step by step to RFID but currently work with EM
  • Libraries that want to use RFID to identify items but want to continue using EM strips for the best security
  • Libraries that want to optimize and modernize their lending traffic
  • Libraries that want to improve the service level to customers

Our Hybrid solution for your library:

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