Electromagnetic (EM) security technology has been used in the library for a number of decades for the protection of valuable library collections. It still is the ultimate theft protection technology. The security labels are equipped with special magnetic materials that respond to low-frequency magnetic fields generated by security systems at the exit of the library. The EM labels can be activated or deactivated with special equipment or a self-service kiosk. A properly deactivated item does not trigger the alarm at the EM security port. Whereas if the item is not deactivated, an alarm will sound at the exit of the library.

Aluminum shielded bags (such as iso-bags for deep-frozen foods) are often used with the intention of shielding the security labels so that they can no longer cause an alarm; here, unlike RFID, EM is insensitive to this. RFID is a technology that is mainly used for the automated administrative processing of loans, renew

Reasons for libraries to use EM


What type of libraries use EM solutions?

The EM technology is particularly interesting for:

  • Academic, university or special knowledge libraries
  • Unique Libraries with rare and very valuable items that are usually not on loan
  • Libraries with high standards about the security of their collection

Our EM solution for your library:

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