Over the years EM (Electromagnetic) has been and still is a well-known and proven technology used by many libraries around the world. The perfect and reliable detection performance, due to less affection by environmental and human factors, makes it a very popular way to protect items like books and magazines if compared to other technologies that serve the same purpose.

The EM technology is certainly the best choice to protect valuable items in libraries. When priority is given to the logistic process within libraries, RFID would be the first selection. The combination of RFID and EM as a Hybrid technology is really a perfect option.

Dialoc ID offers state of the art full EM solutions in security detection systems, self-service- and staff station units and integrated EM detection labels that are prepared for the future.

Our unique selling points bring our products to a new standard:

  • Modular construction
  • Hardware/Software up-gradable
  • Highest possible quality
  • Choice of color and design
  • Timeless design
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient

Sapphire EM Self Service

The Sapphire is an ergonomically designed high-tech self service unit that fits perfectly into the logistic process. It’s modular construction gives all the flexibility to libraries who want to migrate to different identification technology today and in the future.

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