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Libraries today have diverse and dynamic needs, reflecting everything from the current economic climate to evolving technology to shifting patron demographics. On top of that, each library’s services, collections, staff and facilities are equally variant. What a library is today may be a little different than what it was yesterday or what it will need to be tomorrow. In short, libraries are not a one-size-fits-all breed. At UKS, we feel great responsibility to each individual library we serve and, thus, refuse to create one-size-fits all technology.

The SirsiDynix Symphony®ILS, is the cornerstone of this commitment. With the Symphony system, your library can benefit from intuitive, robust technology with all the bells and whistles, a rich patron interface, and a fully adaptable, expandable and customizable platform. It can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be today; but if your needs change tomorrow, it’s ready for the challenge.

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Demand management for efficient fulfilment of popular materials; blanket holds across multiple titles or items; batch editing and on-shelf hold processing; right-click menus; and group management tools for families or book groups are only a few of Symphony's streamlining strengths.


Flexible circulation policies put you in control of what goes where, and when, and how. And with fully documented API`s and an open development platform for tweaking the system at will, you might just get a power trip.


For library staff, security is a vital priority. Symphony gives you extreme control over viewing privileges, policies and more. And for your system, Symphony's built-in offline mode kicks in to handle those pesky network outages.


More than any other system, Symphony lets libraries serve their users. Books by mail, self-service holds, mobile circulation support and more ensure that however your users access the library, your system is agile and available to support them.

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