Services Overview

Whether you’re a seasoned client wanting to take advantage of new technologies or a site getting ready to go live on a new system, Consulting Services is available to help you move ahead.  Our consultants are experts in the implementation of technology for the benefit of libraries, their staff, and their users, and they can help clear a path to success using today’s powerful new technologies.

In addition to custom consultation to meet highly unique needs, we offer consulting packages, including the following:

  • API workshops and certification, which includes everything needed to be successful with the Symphony API – including software, training, and custom API programming services.
  • Network consulting to help determine network needs and carry out network installations or upgrades, as well as implementation of wireless network optimization solutions.
  • Consulting workshops are available to help you do everything from customizing your online portal/OPAC to assistance with building your digital collections.
  • Regularly scheduled phone calls or onsite visits by our consultants to address the areas you need assistance with.
  • Technology reviews by UKS consultants provide thorough reviews of libraries’ technology environments to identify modifications and enhancements that will increase efficiencies, improve workflows, expand system capabilities, integrate products with other technologies, and more.
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