Client Care

Team Approach

Each client is paired with a designated team that includes Client Care representatives plus a systems specialist to help you use your system to its fullest potential. As Client Care teams fulfill this role, they develop a relationship with their clients and come to understand their special needs and requirements. That’s why when a client contacts Client Care, they are automatically routed to one of their team members. Although technical specialists outside the team may be called on to assist, the team maintains ownership until resolution. So clients deal directly with people who know them and their site and who are positioned to keep the site up-to-date with the status of their incidents.


Contact Methods

To reach the UKS support team you can choose the method best for you -telephone, fax, email, and soon through the UKS Web site. The aim is to answer every question quickly and accurately so that you receive the maximum benefit from your system, keeping your users and staff always productive and well served.


24/7 Extra Care

Sometimes situations cannot wait for normal business hours. Major system problems, although rare, need 24-hour-a-day, seven- day-a-week support. And that’s just what UKS offers your library staff members – technicians available any time to help resolve any sudden system crisis.


Other Support Resources:

Easy Ways to Stay Current UKS encourage users to interact both with us and with one another. When we have resolved important issues, the resulting communication is documented on our knowledge base where it can be applied to solve any subsequent situations of similar nature.

Stay Informed
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