BLUEcloud Central 

Take control of your library or system with BLUEcloud Central. Through a single login, you can launch and manage all of your BLUEcloud products from one place, saving administrative headaches and boosting productivity.


  • The ability to create unlimited numbers of parent and child sites to support any library system
  • Support for lateral resource sharing groups across any sites in a consortium
  • Detailed permissions options for each group, site, staff role, and BLUEcloud app
  • Industry-leading indexing, using Apache Hadoop and MapReduce to process large data sets quickly
  • Call number browsing
  • Delivered system text in English and French, with more language options on the way
  • Direct access to monthly release notes from the Help Menu

The right tools for every library

Whether you run a consortium or a single library, BLUEcloud Central adapts to fit your needs. No matter the size of your library, you can easily view and manage institutional hierarchies, create user privileges, or update settings for your discovery tools.

Everything in one place

Manage all your BLUEcloud products in one cloud-based interface. Through a central, customizable dashboard, you can easily tailor your library system to the unique needs of your users and staff.

Manage your library anywhere

With BLUEcloud Central’s HTML5 interface, you can complete administrative tasks wherever you are, on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet.

Stay Informed
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