BLUEcloud Cataloging 

Add power and speed to your cataloging. BLUEcloud Cataloging brings copy cataloging to the cloud, so you can work smarter and faster. And with a browser-based interface, you can work from anywhere.


  • Search for records across multiple sources with one click, including an unlimited number of Z39.50 sources
  • Use advanced search options, including faceting and call number browsing
  • Integrate enriched content to display book jackets in catalog searches
  • Batch create and batch modify items to save time
  • View records side-by-side, then drag and drop fields to copy only the data you want
  • Configure merge and replace behavior to protect local record fields, prevent fields from entering the catalog, and more
  • Create and manage access to templates for quick bibliographic record creation
  • Easily delete bibliographic records, with and without attached holdings
  • Within the MARC editor, access context-sensitive helps from RDA Toolkit and the Library of Congress

Speed up your cataloging

In BLUEcloud Cataloging, you can easily compare bibliographic records and add information to your catalog through drag and drop between BLUEcloud Cataloging’s keyboard shortcuts and intuitive interface, you can finish your work faster than ever.

Reduce your workload

Search for bib records across SirsiDynix CloudSource and your other databases all at once so you immediately find the record you need. When you create your own records, get a head start with as many bib record templates as you want. And with merge and replace rules, BLUEcloud Cataloging makes your most frequent changes automatically, according to parameters you set.


Keep your records safe

Decide exactly who can see and modify your bibliographic records, even in a consortium. BLUEcloud Cataloging features flexible permissions, so you can choose the specific institutions that can access your records, regardless of the consortium’s hierarchy. Within your own library, BLUEcloud Cataloging balances powerful permissions with fast administration—you can control cataloging privileges from the ground up and then quickly assign roles to individual users.

Catalog anywhere

BLUEcloud Cataloging is browser-based, so you can work from any computer with an Internet connection. Can’t make it to the library tomorrow? Grab your materials and catalog from home instead. There’s no software to install or versions to manage: just log in and start working.

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